i-Power is an award-winning GMG exclusive feature that utilizes digital technology to control the operation and function of a machine. i-Power allows us to add performance and safety features new to the industry, such as

ReGen Power

Using the motion of the machine to supply free power back to the batteries during deceleration

Power Take Off

Starting the machine in Hi-Torque mode then automatically switching to high speed to save battery power

Ramp Control

A GMG award winning “Most Innovative” feature that controls the machine speed when descending an aggressive grade

Elevated “Creep” Speed

By simply depressing a button the operator can now place the machine in “Creep” mode which takes the elevated drive speed from 0.5 mph (0.8 km/h) to a maximum of 0.125 mph (0.25 km/h) providing a much safer and comfortable operation while maneuvering around delicate obstacles

Variable Steering

The steering speed is now matched to the machine travel speed making a safer operation while saving valuable battery duty cycle, a GMG exclusive feature

High Torque Elevated Drive

The machine recognizes the height of the platform then allows for High Torque Drive to be applied in a safe manor so as to safely drive over extension cords and small debris while elevated

Positive Traction Drive with Traction Control

Allows the machine to easily drive through loose surfaces such as gravel, mud and slippery surfaces. Each drive wheel is independent from the other however if one wheel looses traction the i -Power system senses this and applies addition power to the other

OWS (Overhead Warning System)

GMG’s OWS detects overhead obstacles then warns the operator well in advance of impact. If the operator continues to elevate the system becomes more announced until ultimately stopping elevation and sounding a solid alarm. The operator can then either let off the interlock and the alarm will stop, lower the platform or ultimately depress the OWS button and continue to elevate, the alarm will supply a continuous beep informing the operator they are operating in the danger zone


Not your traditional Telematics system. Of course the Tele-Power records and reports as like any other Telematics system, it also identifies where the machine is and can set up a Geo Fence around the parameter to warn the owner when the machine is moved outside the identified area. But, unlike others the GMG Tele-Power allows the owner of the machine to adjust predetermined parameters, such as Lift Speed, Drive Speed, Lift Height, Braking, all Motion Alarm, Lift Up Shut down (if customer is late with payment), OWS on/off