6094 Rough Terrain

Ultra-Deck Rough Terrain, 4x4 Diesel

Industry Leading Features

Standard on this machine

  • 65 horsepower (47.7 Kw) Turbo Charged Diesel Engine

    Equipped with a whopping 65 hp (47.7 kW) of pure turbocharged power, this RT scissor has unmatched power, providing best-in-class performance and productivity.

  • 24' 10" (7.55m) Platform Length

    This Ultra-Deck platform provides plenty of space to load up with personnel, tools, and materials.

  • Auto Leveling Outriggers

    With enough power to get from A to B on the jobsite, the one-touch auto-leveling outriggers come as standard equipment to help provide plenty of stability.

  • Ocsillating Axle

    The oscillating axle adjusts based on the condition of the terrain, helping this model to effortlessly drive and maneuver through the most difficult of conditions.

  • Posi-Traction

    Each drive wheel is independent from the other allowing the machine to easily drive through loose surfaces such as gravel, mud and slippery surfaces

  • Variable Engine Speeds

    Variable speeds allow the user to enable the "Quiet Operation Mode" feature. In addition to running the machine at more efficient RPM levels based on power demand, this mode will dampen the sound in and around sensitive areas such as, tunnels and mining applications.

Working Height Maximum
66' / 20.1 m
Platform Height Maximum
60' / 18.2 m
Platform Height Stowed
6'7” / 2..02 m
Platform Length Retracted
17' 5" / 5.23 m
Platform Length Extended
24' 10" / 7.55 m
Height Stowed
128" / 3.25 m
Height Rails Lowered
97" / 2.46 m
Length Stowed
17' 5” / 5.23 m
Width Overall
94" / .2.38 m
Platform Width Outside
75" / 1.9 m
Drive Height
40' / 12 m
Drive Speed - stowed
6.2 mph / 10 km/h
Drive speed - raised
0.5 mph / 0.8 km/h
Gradeability - stowed
Raise Speed
60 seconds
Lower Speed
55 seconds
Fully Proportional
Four Wheel
Tires - rough terrain
33”x12” / 84 cm x 30 cm
Power Source
64 hp (47.7 kW) Turbo Charged - V2403 Kubota Diesel
20,450 lbs / 9,276 kg


This is the apex predator or Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts. With a whopping 65 hp (47.7 kW) of pure turbocharged power, you will never touch another underperforming RT scissor again. You will have ZERO issues getting around the most rugged terrain job sites with this model. The GMG 94 series is equipped with dual slide-out extension decks and is 2nd to none when it comes to performance, trainability, and productivity.

*Compared to a competitive model under similar test conditions. Actual results may vary

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