1930 i Series

Electric Drive Scissor Lift

Industry Leading Features

Standard on this machine

  • i Power 2.0

    Award-Winning smart power control management system unlocks features never before seen in this industry

  • Ramp Control

    Award-Winning “Most Innovative” feature that controls the machine speed when descending an aggressive grade

  • Elevated Creep Speed

    Slow the machine even further while elevated, providing a safer and more comfortable operation while maneuvering around delicate obstacles

  • *indicates GMG exclusive

  • Variable Steer Speed

    The steering speed corresponds with the travel speed providing a safer operation while saving battery duty cycle

  • Posi-Traction

    Each drive wheel is independent from the other allowing the machine to easily drive through loose surfaces such as gravel, mud and slippery surfaces

  • ReGen Power

    Uses the motion of the machine to supply free power back to the batteries during deceleration

19 ft (6m)

Platform Height

30 in (72cm)

Machine Width

510 lbs (230kg)

Lift Capacity

3210 lbs (1455kg)

Machine Weight

Working Height Maximum
19' / 5.8 m
Platform Height Maximum
25' / 7.8 m
Platform Height Stowed
40.5" / 1.03 m
Platform Length Retracted
64.5" / 1.64 m
Platform Length Extended
99.8" / 2.55 m
Height Stowed
85" / 2.16 m
Height Rails Lowered
70.4" / 1.79 m
Length Stowed
71.6" / 1.82 m
Width Overall
30" / .76 m
Platform Width Outside
29.3" / .74 m
Drive Height
Full Height
Drive Speed - stowed
3.0mph / 4.8 km/h
Drive speed - raised
0.5 mph / 0.8 km/h
Drive speed - raised creep mode
0.125 mph / 0.16 km/h
Gradeability - stowed
Raise Speed
20 seconds
Lower Speed
25 seconds
Fully Proportional
Direct Electric Positive Traction
Tires - Solid, Non-marking
13"x4” / 32x10cm
Power Source
24v, 225Ah
3210 lb / 1455kg


This model is equipped with many industry best features exclusive to GMG. Longest lasting duty cycle with direct electric drive. Posi-Traction drive system with Automatic torque sensing when climbing or descending slopes provides safer operation and longer battery duty cycles. With up to 45% gradeability, this model has no issues climbing the back of ramp, or getting from point A to B on the jobsite. 

Our industry leading i-Power 2.0 Battery Management System, paired with AGM non-maintenance batteries (standard feature) provides for industry best duty cycles. 

Equipped with Direct Electric Drive and the award-winning I-Power 2.0 control system, this model provides whisper-quiet operation, extended duty cycles, and fully proportional operation. This machine is equipped with folding guardrails.

Delivers up to 200% more battery life*

*Compared to a competitive model under similar test conditions. Actual results may vary

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Working Height:
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